The Vox Populi has several new and exciting projects in the pipeline, which we’ll be announcing in the coming months. Here’s some of our current and retired work:



Art Song Videos
The Vox Populi is engaged in an ongoing project of creating videos presenting gems of the song repertoire through the magic of YouTube. Check out some examples on our homepage and come back regularly, as we’re currently working on several new videos.
Songs at an Exhibition
“Songs at an Exhibition” is a concert format in which songs are paired with works of visual art projected above the stage.  The painting “colors” the interpretation of the song, as the song does the same for how we perceive the painting. “Songs at an Exhibition” has seen several incarnations, beginning with a workshop presented in Rochester, NY in 2008, and will soon see the premiere of “Songs at an Exhibition: Banalités,” centered around Francis Poulenc’s “Banalités,” a group of five songs on poetry by Guillaume Apollinaire.

The Wind-Up Bird Cabaret

What would we sing about, if not for Love and Love Lost? “The Wind Up Bird Cabaret” is a journey, from Love Lost to, well, that Somewhere you get to that’s not Love Found again, but is certainly better than wherever you were. It’s a spiritual, if not also a physical, Wandering. Not aimless, but In Search Of… without the object. Songs about that lost sensation–some happy, some melancholy, and most somewhere in between.
The program is very, very, very loosely inspired by a wonderful book, The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. More to the point, though, it’s quite closely inspired by that certain je ne sais quois feeling we all know well, and by those life stories that illustrate its strange vicissitudes.
“The Wind Up Bird Cabaret” features the premiere of a new work by composer Adrian Knight, The Tears, duo for Harp and Voice.
“The Wind Up Bird Cabaret” is an evening of song and anecdote for voice, harp and audience.

Say it with Music
“Say it with Music”—a musical tour of early 1900s song from England and the United States.