The Vox Populi is a musical sandbox. The endless repertory of song is the sand, instruments and voices are our plastic shovels, and we artists of The Vox Populi are the giggling children building grand palaces in the mud.

We are of the belief that the border between “high” and “low” art, or “classical” and “popular” music, is a silly outdated marketing notion. Instead, there’s interesting, exciting music and dull, not-especially-interesting, -exciting music. As brilliant arbiters of taste, we have taken it upon ourselves to track down good music wherever it may be hiding and deliver it to you, baked into delectable pastries for your enjoyment. For the dough, we are inspired by the format of cabaret — intimate and conversational, the sharing of amusing stories and poignant anecdotes with an audience of friends. So grab a flute of champagne at the bar, sit down on the most comfortable couch you see, make friends with the elegant silver-haired gentleman seated to your left and the cute young couple one row ahead of you, and enjoy the show.